Global Indian International School - Hail,CABtain!

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* Fun filled day ends with a long wait for taxi.

* Shopping centre visit & wait with heavy bags.

* Dad has urgent appointment and taxis don’t stop.

* An overseas trip begins with an anxious taxi wait.

The common problem: “Not getting taxis when needed”


* Reasons: Is it due to lack of knowledge about taxi hailing procedure?

* Are we waiting at the wrong places?

* Can we interview the passengers?

* Interview taxis drivers?

* Complain to authorities if service is bad?

* How about this positive approach?

Educate and Appreciate!


Our solution

* Made posters and presented in assembly to educate students.

* Designed the info card & Thank you note.

* All the primary and K2 students coloured the ‘Thank you cards’.

* We laminated, cut, punched a hole, tied strings – The beautiful cards for cabbies were ready!

* Distributed to the students- around 800 cards in all . Teachers & staff  joined us too. They spread the word to their friends and relatives. We gave the cards to school guests and also asked GIIS East Coast and Queenstown friends to spread the message.

* Taxi drivers received the cards with great joy. Some even offered discounts to children. An announcement was done in the assembly not to accept discounts. We just want to appreciate them!

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