Raffles Institution - Smile for The Cleaners

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Cleaners were not appreciated enough for their effort


1.Holding a cleanliness competition for the classrooms.

2.Putting up posters around the school campus to increase awareness of school cleaners


We are implementing a solution to help to solve this problem and try to raise awareness for and increase the appreciation for the contributions and works of the cleaners in our school. Firstly, we plan to put up profiles of some of the cleaners in the form of posters. Besides their age, we will also put in the cleaners’ pay. Some other posters would be simpler, just simply encouraging all, doesn’t matter whether student or staff, to smile for the cleaners. We felt that these posters would be effective especially for the students, as most of the cleaners are as old as their parents. Hence the students can picture their parents in the cleaner’s place, hunched over, sweeping the floor, constantly being ignored. This will encourage students to sympathize with the cleaners, and hence appreciating their efforts and making life easier for them.

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