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SoCh programmes are based on design-thinking and experiential learning methods to promote empathy, creative thinking and meaningful action. Programs are pre-designed or customised to fulfill the objectives of different schools and organisations.

SoCh has successfully guided over 600 project implementations in Singapore and worked with over 8,500 children from over 100 schools. Every year over 2000 students take part in our various programmes.  

Service Learning: Design for Change

Every child can drive change in the community.  A simple ‘service programme’ to bring change by spreading awareness, advocacy or action to address a social problem in the community.   

Social Leadership: Lead the Change

Programme designed for student leaders to exercise their leadership skills and drive change with their student groups.

Social Innovation: Design to Enrich Life

Learning to design a product, service or process to improve life of others, beginning with a human-centric and user-need approach.  

Social Entrepreneurship

Programme with elements of social awareness, empathy, need analysis, ideation, and product or service design to understand social entrepreneurship models. (Eligible for YSEP funding from Ministry of Social & Family Development) 

Community Engagement: Real Life Learning

Engagement opportunities with specific vulnerable section of the society and dialogues with social sector organisations.  

Learn real life skills, understand and build empathy through interaction with the elderly, differently-abled people, special needs children, environment, the urban poor, migrant workers and many others.  

Teacher Training Workshops

Basic Design ThinkingIntroduction to concepts and applications 

Every Teacher a CCE teacherWorkshops to enable any teacher to mentor students in implementing simple yet effective social change programs.

Social Action Boot Camp

1 to 2 day extensive programme on service learning encompassing elements of empathy, ideation and effective implementation of social deeds. Most suitable program for post-exam period. 

Design-based Holiday or CCA Camp

Promote independent learning and creativity through design concepts and design-thinking. The programs incorporate fun elements and games with active indoor and outdoor activities.

Some examples of inspiring projects

Crescent Girls’ students led the campaign against smoking in the neighbourhood.
St Hilda’s Secondary students helped autistic adults by collaborating with Anglican Autism Centre.
Greendale Secondary students designed special exercise equipment that would help the seniors to socialise while exercising in the elder home.
Clementi Primary students addressed exam pressure and held motivational classes for their peers to help them get better results.
CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel engaged special needs children at the Rainbow Centre with games and activities.

Write to us at admin@SoChinAction.com or +65 6339 6453 to know more about our programmes

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