19 | 09 | 2014

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Theater actress Karen Tan is Ambasador for SoCh

140 teams, 700 students and 20 schools participated in the 2013   

Over 2000 students from 54 schools have initiated social change projects since 2010!
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‘I am neither big, nor grand,

And I only make promises that I can keep... '

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Design for Change School Challenge

Design for Change (DFC) School Challenge is an international innovative program that aims to give children an opportunity to pull into action their own ideas for a better world.

The program was able to empower these young children to believe that they matter; that change is possible and that they can lead & inspire change themselves.


CatCh: Catalyst for Change Workshop

CatCh: Catalyst for Change Workshops were introduced in 2011 to provide children with stimulation and skills in achieving effective results in their social change projects.

The workshops are designed to creatively engage the participants in applying design abilities and tools to successfully achieve their results that they set out to achieve. 

Over 2200 children under 15 years of age completed the workshop by 2013.  

Be the Change Exposition

Be the Change Exposition is an annual children’s event that aims to extend children’s learning & awareness about society and inspire them to make positive changes in the world they live in.  

Be the Change Exposition showcases the work of our young change makers who have tackled real issues in their community.

Over the past three years the event has encouraged an open environment for students, teachers and parents to witness, interact and share community projects and inspire many more.